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Passionflower (Passiflora) illustration printed onto linen. 

This Passiflora lceiling shade is made by hand


40cm diameter (15.748in) x 25cm height (9.84in)

The interior lining is white finish.

Alisons  designs are inspired by living in Cornwall, walking along the coastline and the unique Cornish hedgerows, foraging for season treats, dog walking along the coast and countryside.

Walking along the pathway that runs alongside The Gannel estuary in Newquay is a Passionflower vine that flowers for most of the summer, winding its tendrils through the hedgerow.  One Christmas it was still in flower! I wonder how it got there, not a native to the Cornish hedges!  If you are ever in Lizard Village see if you can find the plant nursery off the main car park, they have so many different varieties of Passiflora!

Alison Bick copyright 2011-2020

Passiflora Ceiling Shade

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