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Bee Lampshade in Pure Linen 

Lovely Honey Bee design, this hand printed linen shade 


This shade is  for a lamp fitting - 30cm diameter

Height 21 cm


This lovely bee lampshade, handprinted in a Cornish studio, is made from pure linen. The linen fabric allows the light to shine through the shade illuminating the printed navy bee design. The shade is hand rolled and finished by a small team of dedicated makers.

The lampshade fabric is pure linen and the shade is suitable for use in the UK and Europe.



Hand Printed and Made in Cornwall

Helen says:- This shade is one of my favourites and I have really enjoyed designing this lovely new Honey Bee Collection. The Bee design is inspired by my father, Roger who is a very keen bee keeper. With over 20 hives he is passionate about helping to protect and increase honeybee colonies, encouraging others to take up bee keeping as a hobby and giving support and advice to new apiarists. Through his knowledge and expertise, I have learnt so much about these amazing busy creatures and their magical healing honey making skills. I spent hours watching and loved drawing them in my sketchbook as they went about their busy schedule! 









Bee Lampshade in Pure Linen

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